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image de la solution Claranor

Packaging sterilization using Pulsed Light for food, dairy, plant-based, beverages and pharma-cosmetic industries

image de la solution Clara Pur (CP)

Clara Pur (CP) - Providing drinking water through solar energy

image de la solution Clariter

Clariter - Transforms plastic waste into high value pure products like solvents, waxes and oils instead of using traditional fossil fuels

image de la solution Clarus Fusion

Clarus Fusion - A sustainable on-site wastewater recycling solution that saves water and brings dignified sanitation to communities without proper sanitation facilities

image de la solution Clean Burning Biomass & Electric Cookstoves

Clean Burning Biomass & Electric Cookstoves - Clean Burning cookstoves that cut down fuel use by more than half, save customers money and reduce deforestation in the developing world

image de la solution Clean Power Alliance (CPA)

Improving the lives of all people by empowering communities through clean, reliable, and competitively-priced energy, Clean Power Alliance serves over 3 million people. One-third of them choose 100% green power, making CPA the largest provider of 100% green energy in the USA.

image de la solution Clearford One

Clearford One - A solution capable of collecting, transporting and treating all domestic wastewater in low water supply areas such as rural communities

image de la solution CLEMAP

CLEMAP - CLEMAP is offering energy analytics, energy portals and electricity metering solutions to provide warnings, optimization and real-time monitoring

image de la solution Climate Active Together

Climate Active Together - Website and matchmaking platform on energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainability projects for tertiary and industrial companies and apartments.

image de la solution ClimateSeed

ClimateSeed - A digital investment platform which matches corporates with carbon-negative projets

image de la solution Climkit Community

Climkit Community - Generating and distributing photovoltaic electricity within apartment buildings.

image de la solution Climy

Climy - Algorithms that reduce energy consumption in commercial buildings by 30% by matching energy usage with actual building usage.

image de la solution Cloud&Heat water-cooling

Cloud&Heat water-cooling - First pilot with a server of the Magenta Cloud Gaming platform operated with new direct water-cooling technology.

image de la solution CLUSTERLOG

CLUSTERLOG - A solution for urban deliveries using inland waterways at the same price than trucking while emitting less CO2.

image de la solution CO2-cured low-emissions cement

CO2-cured low-emissions cement - Low emission process for cement and concrete production.

image de la solution CO2 for cooling water

CO2 for cooling water - Safe and environmental friendly scaling control in cooling water with CO2 as replacement of sulfuric and chloridric acids.

image de la solution CO2 Logic

Environmental Consulting

image de la solution CO2 Recycling Technology

CO2 Recycling Technology - A cost-effective & sustainable solution to recycle CO2 into valuable products for the food and chemical industry

image de la solution Cobrane A1 e-vehicle

Cobrane A1 e-vehicle - The solution for clean, quiet and safe facility management operations

image de la solution Cold Membrane CO2 Capture process

Cold Membrane CO2 Capture process - Greenhouse gas capture technology

image de la solution Colision

Colision - An eco-responsible and customizable last mile delivery service which levarages public transport to deliver customers on their usual route.

image de la solution Collaborative Recycling

Collaborative Recycling - A solution to optimize reuse of furniture, equipment and materials with innovative technology and support and reduce the amount of waste.

image de la solution Colouree

Colouree - An Ai and location intelligence web platform for a people-centric rating of urban contexts

image de la solution Commown

Commown - Providing ethical, ecological electronic devices through a 'Hardware as a Service' model