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image de la solution Carbon Recycling

Carbon Recycling - A carbon recycling platform to make fuels and chemicals from waste emissions displacing fossil resources and keeping the sky blue for everyone

image de la solution Carbon Strategy Platform

Driven by climate urgency, Tapio's all-in-one Carbon Strategy Platform makes it easier for companies to calculate, analyse and reduce their carbon footprint.

image de la solution Carbon Upcycling Technologies (CUT)

Carbon Upcycling Technologies (CUT) - Process to convert CO2 emissions into nanomaterial powders

image de la solution Cargobici

Cargobici - Last-mile logistics solutions in a sustainable way and with a socially responsible perspective

image de la solution Carwatt

Carwatt - A solution that converts industrial and special vehicles into electric vehicles, using new or 2nd life batteries.

image de la solution CASTALIE

CASTALIE - A sustainable alternative to plastic bottles for companies, hotels and restaurants

image de la solution CAVITECH

CAVITECH - Radically reduces energy use for wastewater treatment by means of energy-efficient wastewater aeration

image de la solution CCell Renewables

CCell Renewables - Renewably-powered artificial coral reefs, which protect coastlines, enhance ecosystems and promote local industry

image de la solution CCm Technologies

CCm Technologies - Transforming waste streams into low CO2 footprint products

image de la solution Celium® BioFabricated Leather

Celium® BioFabricated Leather - BioFabricated Leather with consumer product applications, animal-free, plastic-free.

image de la solution Cell3Ditor

Cell3Ditor - Unique tabletop factory for printing highly efficient and easily customizable solid oxide fuel cells, saving time and resources.

image de la solution Celsius Energy

Celsius Energy - Heating and cooling solution based on renewable underground energy for any building

image de la solution Cenergie

More than 20 years of experience in energy-efficient, sustainable construction projects and effective energy advice in all its facets.

image de la solution Centaur

Centaur - A modular IoT system for urban flood and overflow alleviation which avoids infrastructure costs and disruption, and reduces environmental impacts.

image de la solution Cereal Docks Bioplasticizer

Cereal Docks Bioplasticizer - A new and sustainable plasticizer, which is biobased, biodegradable, safe for human health and the environment.

image de la solution CH4pa

CH4pa - A biomethane fuelled modular transportation and working vehicle for farmers, cities and transport companies in emerging markets

image de la solution Changers CO2 Fit

Changers CO2 Fit - An app for more public participation in climate protection measures

image de la solution charge&go

charge&go - Fleet charging station for e-buses for innovative and smart mobility projects

image de la solution Charging station for electric vehicles

Installation and management of electric vehicle charging stations

image de la solution Choice Engines for Change

Choice Engines for Change - A consumer-centric Choice Engine® that eliminates market barriers and nudges all of us to shop energy-smart and invest in clean energy solutions.

image de la solution ChroRePro: Chromium Recovery Process

ChroRePro: Chromium Recovery Process - It recovers 99.9% of Chromium from industrial wastewaters of the plating industry and prevent it to reach the environment or to be lost at landfills.

image de la solution Chrysalis 40

Chrysalis 40 - Turning plastic waste into a source of energy and employment in developing countries

image de la solution Cirplus

Cirplus - A global marketplace for recycled plastics.