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image de la solution Box Meteoptim

Box Meteoptim - An universal and self-learning box to monitor solar installations and optimize self-consumption at home by a smart control of domestic hot water tanks

image de la solution boxx

boxx - A connected screen providing real-time energy and water insights, personal and actionable advice & alerts, in addition to being a smart thermostat.

image de la solution BRANBOX

BRANBOX - Environmentally friendly, compostable, leak-proof and disposable food containers made from agri-food industry waste.

image de la solution Breeze Technologies Environmental Intelligence

Breeze Technologies Environmental Intelligence - Smart air quality sensors

image de la solution Breitling Watch Box

Breitling Watch Box - a sustainable new watch box upcycled from waste (100% RPET), re-inventing packaging in the watch industry

image de la solution Bruxelles-Propreté

Partnership with Bruxelles-Propreté for waste management.

image de la solution BS2 Zeleganz

BS2 Zeleganz - All-in-one energy system for emission-free buildings.

image de la solution Build an Impact Network on Tapio

Onboard and connect all actors of your supply chain to maximize your impact!

image de la solution Builddie Energy Management System

Builddie Energy Management System - An AI and Sensor-based technology to communicate and manage building systems

image de la solution BuntBrain

BuntBrain - Artificial Intelligence (AI) to reduce water losses in water distribution networks.

image de la solution Ca commence par moi

365 actions pour une éco⁠-⁠citoyenneté ambitieuse

image de la solution Calculate your footprint

Through Tapio’s online platform, companies manage their greenhouse gas emissions easily: from collecting data and building their carbon report to understanding and reducing these emissions.

image de la solution CalWave Wave Energy Converter

CalWave Wave Energy Converter - Generating electricity from the power of the ocean

image de la solution Candles Killer

Candles Killer - A safer, brighter and cheaper lightning alternative to candles and kerosene lamps.

image de la solution CAPSolar Module

CAPSolar Module - A solar module optimized for low-speed electric vehicles, extending their range and battery life

image de la solution Capterall®

Capterall® - Captures pollutants from urban and industrial wastewater.

image de la solution Carbo Culture Biocarbons

Carbo Culture Biocarbons - A solution for atmospheric CO2 sequestration, soil remediation & climate change resilience in built environments.

image de la solution Carbonbase

Carbonbase - A website for assessing your personal carbon emissions and balance it through highly verified projects, while being rewarded for doing so

image de la solution CarbonCure Technology

CarbonCure Technology - A retrofit technology that chemically mineralizes waste carbon dioxide during the manufacturing process to make greener and stronger concrete

image de la solution Carbon Fibre Aerogel (CFA)

Carbon Fibre Aerogel (CFA) - A game-changing, environmentally friendly technology for removing & recovering liquid organic contaminants from wastewater

image de la solution CARBON FOREST +

CARBON FOREST + - A carbon offsetting service coupled with a carbon storing optimization method for forest soil

image de la solution Carbonium

Carbonium - A new generation of carbon fiber composite material entirely sourced from the Aerospace supply-chain by-products.

image de la solution Carbon negative web hosting services

Carbon negative web hosting services - A resilient carbon-negative cloud that heats swimming pools and residential buildings

image de la solution Carbon Recycling

Carbon Recycling - A carbon recycling platform to make fuels and chemicals from waste emissions displacing fossil resources and keeping the sky blue for everyone