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image de la solution Biosfilter

Biosfilter - A brand new technology that removes chemical and biological micropollutants from water.

image de la solution Biosolar Leaf

Biosolar Leaf - Novel photobioreactor cultivation system to produce food ingredients and proteins more efficiently, affordably and sustainably.

image de la solution Bio-solution for Contaminated Soils

Bio-solution for Contaminated Soils - An Innovative fungal solution for the biological treatment of complex pollution

image de la solution Biosorb

Biosorb - A bio-based filter for the cleanup of water containing heavy metals and phytosanitary pollutants

image de la solution Bio-sourced vertical axis wind turbine

Bio-sourced vertical axis wind turbine - A bio-sourced and biodegradable wind turbine to generate power, using non-harmful and innovative techniques to minimize carbon footprint

image de la solution Bird

Electrical scooters

image de la solution Bit Bait Infinity pesticide

Bit Bait Infinity pesticide - Providing chemical-free protection from pests

image de la solution Blablacar

BlaBlaCar is the world’s leading long-distance carpooling platform

image de la solution Blixt Solid State Circuit Breaker

Blixt Solid State Circuit Breaker - Solid state circuit breakers for software control of electricity and enhanced electrical safety

image de la solution Bloom Biorenewables

Bloom Biorenewables - Chemicals production from biomass

image de la solution blubalance

blubalance - A chemical-free water treatment solution for industrial sites, eliminating micro-pollutants and drastically reducing water consumption

image de la solution Blue Barriers

Blue Barriers - Designed to optimally and permanently address river plastic pollution.

image de la solution Blue Box

Blue Box - A new approach to global carbon reduction and human health by optimizing building operations.

image de la solution Blue Economy

Blue Economy - Tailor-made CSR solutions for corporations to commit for our blue Planet, in a proactive, impactful and measurable way

image de la solution Blueeze

Blueeze - A solution using liquid nitrogen for a clean, quiet and performant refrigerated transport

image de la solution Bluenergy Solarwind® PowerStation™

Bluenergy Solarwind® PowerStation™ - Renewable power production thanks to a beautiful and compact all in one solution integrating solar and wind technology.

image de la solution BNP Paribas 3 Step IT

BNP Paribas 3 Step IT - Helps customers to easily acquire and effectively manage the lifecycle of their technology assets in a secure and more sustainable way.

image de la solution Bocage Urbain

Bocage Urbain - A modular landscaping, aesthetic and functional solution for managing rainwater and biodiversity in an urban environment.

image de la solution Bolt

Going against the current: Buy energy from a local energy generator, switch in a few clicks, really green and not more expensive

image de la solution BONNECABANE

BONNECABANE - A multi-purpose module and producer of solar energy intended for self-consumption, delivered ready for use. How to reduce energy consumption in a simple, safe way and provide other features that improve everyday life?

image de la solution BOXHY®

BOXHY® - BOXHy is the first completely clean, silent, indoor & outdoor hydrogen-based electric genset

image de la solution Boxilumix

Boxilumix - A lighting integrated solution to decontaminate fruits & vegetables allowing longer conservation, drastic reduction food waste and chemicals usage