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image de la solution Bello home

Bello home - A water machine which provides pure, healthy and personalized water while offering a real alternative to plastic bottles.

image de la solution BeON Solar Kit

BeON Solar Kit - Turns the Sun into a House Appliance!

image de la solution Bhaluu Constructions

Bhaluu Constructions - A continuous self-supporting cellular insulation envelope that allows building the most energy performant houses at the best price

image de la solution BHEP

BHEP - Hybrid Positive-Economy Building

image de la solution Billie

You pay 1€ deposit for the cup, which you can get back at any participating location. This way you can enjoy your coffee without making waste.

image de la solution Billy Bike

Shared electric biked in Brussels

image de la solution BIMPRICE

BIMPRICE - A free simulator to instantly calculate the price and delivery time of buildings and infrastructures digital twins and order them online

image de la solution Bin-e  Waste Management System

Bin-e Waste Management System - World's first AI-based smart waste bin that recognizes and sorts the waste automatically.

image de la solution BioAlert Lp15

BioAlert Lp15 - A Legionella automated monitoring device that ensures complete control over the Legionnaire disease risks arising from cooling towers

image de la solution Bio’Climatisation by Bio’R

Bio’Climatisation by Bio’R - bioclimatic solution for energetic and hygrometric treatment, filtration and hygienic air of all premises

image de la solution Biodegradable single-use wheat bran tableware

Biodegradable single-use wheat bran tableware - An environmentally friendly and safe alternative made from wheat bran to replace plastic-based disposables tableware

image de la solution BIO DISPERSIS LC

BIO DISPERSIS LC - Recycle vinasse, a polluting residue from the alcohol industry, into organic additives for concrete

image de la solution Bioenergy from Arundo Donax Biomass

Bioenergy from Arundo Donax Biomass - A viable sustainable bioenergy solution to produce "base-load" electricity and biofuels

image de la solution Bioenzymatic Fuel Cell

Bioenzymatic Fuel Cell - Makes electricity with papers and enzymes using bio-sourced materials. Offers an alternative to miniaturised chemical coin cells

image de la solution Biogas heavy truck fleet

Biogas heavy truck fleet - The use of biomethane as truck fuel : a circular economy.

image de la solution bioloo

bioloo - An easy-to-install toilet structure with a bio-digester tank with bacterial inoculum to treat faecal waste onsite

image de la solution Biomethane enrichment and storage

Biomethane enrichment and storage - Distributed, low-cost, energy efficient technology to enrich and store biogas

image de la solution Biomethane for clean transportation

Biomethane for clean transportation - Production and distribution of biomethane as fuel

image de la solution Biomethane from biomass

Biomethane from biomass - Purification of biogas into biomethane

image de la solution BiON : Biological Methanation

BiON : Biological Methanation - The process coverts H2 and CO2 into pure renewable methane

image de la solution Bionutriprotección System

Bionutriprotección System - Using biotechnology to meet the nutrition and protection needs of crops in the critical stages of development

image de la solution BioPak

BioPak - Compostable and sustainable foodservice packaging

image de la solution BioPool Filtration

BioPool Filtration - Converts each pool to low consumption & ecological pool with no more use of chemical, using AI to get pool Sustainable & Autonomous.

image de la solution Biorefinery for diapers waste

Biorefinery for diapers waste - EMBRACED - Establishing a Multi-purpose Biorefinery for the Recycling of AHP waste in a Circular Economy Domain