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image de la solution AVOB Smart Demand Response

AVOB Smart Demand Response - An advanced SaaS platform to balance energy consumption in residential and commercial buildings with electrical grids needs (diffuse Demand Response).

image de la solution AWA® : The Smartphone of Solar Energy

AWA® : The Smartphone of Solar Energy - A highly reliable, highly efficient, compact, intuitive, out of the box, access to harmless electricity

image de la solution Azelio Thermal Energy Storage

Azelio Thermal Energy Storage - Energy storage that makes clean power from solar and wind all hours of the day.

image de la solution Azola BIO

Azola BIO - A cryogenic liquefaction solution to temporarily store excess biomethane production from AD plants.

image de la solution B2R+

B2R+ - An industrial composite smart wall custom made for each project.

image de la solution BAB "Battery Autonomy Booster"

BAB "Battery Autonomy Booster" - Silicon nanopowder for energy storage enhancement

image de la solution Back2Buzz

Back2Buzz - Back2Buzz sells refurbished smartphones combined with eco-friendly & biodegradable accessories in order to reduce the electronic waste mountain.

image de la solution Back Market

Marketplace dedicated to reconditioned products. Our mission? To make the consumption of resurrected products mainstream. Make used devices great again ! Ready to fight against planned obsolescence? 📱💚

image de la solution BactoSense

BactoSense - Automated monitoring of microbial contamination in water with results 70 times faster than traditional methods

image de la solution Balsamo

Balsamo - Additive for increasing efficiency in agriculture

image de la solution Bamboo for Life

Bamboo for Life - Ecological Wastewater treatment plant using Bamboo while producing biomass, sequestrating CO2 and cooling area in open spaces

image de la solution Barsha Pump

Barsha Pump - A water wheel propelled pump that lifts water for irrigation from rivers with no emissions or operational costs

image de la solution BASIL

BASIL - Fully-integrated rooftop solar and a nano-grid to power IoT-ready DC home appliances

image de la solution BatiSense

BatiSense - BatiSense aims to learn the thermal behaviour of tertiary buildings based on sensor data in order to optimize and pilot technical equipments.

image de la solution B:bot

B:bot - B:bot is a collecting and sorting solution for plastic bottles, based on self-financed resale of recycled raw material.

image de la solution B-CAP refill cap

B-CAP refill cap - A reusable, refillable solution for plastic bottles and vessels

image de la solution BCH biomass condensing boilers

BCH biomass condensing boilers - A ultra-efficient biomass condensing boilers

image de la solution Bean

Bean - Changing used fossil-fueled fleets to electric vehicles through retrofitting to help import-dependent countries to rapidly deploy clean transport.

image de la solution BeeOmonitoring

BeeOmonitoring - A service that provides an answer to the pressing necessity of reducing pollution and maintaining and regenerating biodiversity.

image de la solution BeeWe

BeeWe - Engie collaborative platform for your spare parts in stock, which makes it easy to put new unused parts back into circulation

image de la solution Be Greener

Be Greener - A high-performance, autonomous power supply solution, green hydrogen-based and carbon-free

image de la solution Belgian Alliance for Climate Action

Calling upon leading organisations in Belgium to develop an ambitious climate agenda

image de la solution Belgian Institute for Sustainable IT asbl/vzw

The Belgian "Think-and-Do" tank for a more sustainable future of IT products and services - Become a member > info@isit-be.org

image de la solution Belimo Energy Valve™

Belimo Energy Valve™ - Making HVAC systems more efficient by measuring and controlling water flow and temperature differences