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image de la solution APROMUD

APROMUD - Super Absorbent Polymers for sludge dewatering process.

image de la solution APT-HP High-power plasma torch

APT-HP High-power plasma torch - A direct replacement for fossil fuel burners in industrial applications, with greatly reduced greenhouse gas emissions

image de la solution APU OFF Solution

APU OFF Solution - A sustainable solution for aviation reducing emissions in airports while generating fuel savings for airlines at the gate.

image de la solution Aqua-4D Water Solutions

Aqua-4D Water Solutions - Water treatment technology

image de la solution Aqua Assist

Aqua Assist - Biocatalyst for wastewater sludge reduction

image de la solution Aqualink range

Aqualink range - A water purification device adapted to communities who don’t have access to clean water.

image de la solution Aqualone

Aqualone - Low-tech irrigation controller

image de la solution AquaREAL

AquaREAL - An aquatic connected weather station for real-time and predictive monitoring of water quality worldwide.

image de la solution AquaSOL

AquaSOL - Solar-powered water treatment unit

image de la solution Aquilon CO2 CRAC Unit

Aquilon CO2 CRAC Unit - A computer room air conditioning using carbon dioxide as a refrigerant to maximise its free cooling potential without releasing it outside

image de la solution arbn well

arbn well - A high-density Indoor Environmental Quality sensing service to track health and well-being in buildings.

image de la solution Arc-Solar Box

Arc-Solar Box - Generate electricity for sensors and IoT from ambient light with 75% more power

image de la solution aREAL®

aREAL® - Reduces land consumption by digitally identifying and optimizing inner city land utilization.

image de la solution Arviem

Arviem provides multimodal in-transit supply chain visibility allowing customers to understand what’s happening throughout its extended supply chain. With its actionable insights, clients can develop cost-saving strategies, optimize their supply chain, assess performance, identify bottlenecks, and reduce their carbon footprint.

image de la solution aSmartWorld

Collection and sale of reconditioned smartphones in Belgium - circular economy ♻️

image de la solution Atawheel

Atawheel - Hydrogen and electricity recharge station.

image de la solution AtlasGo

Engage Your Employees and Plant Trees.

image de la solution Atmospheric Water Generation Technology

Atmospheric Water Generation Technology - Atmospheric Water Generation Technology that harvests moisture from the atmosphere thereby generating clean drinking water.

image de la solution AURORA

AURORA - Transportable renewable electrical production units that produce clean electricity everywhere with easy and quick deployment.

image de la solution Aurora's Grid 3.0

Aurora's Grid 3.0 - An ageing-aware sizing tool for Lithium-ion storage

image de la solution Autonomous Freight Transport

Autonomous Freight Transport - Networks of small autonomous electric vehicles for cost-effective, emission-free and safe transport of goods.

image de la solution Autonomous Lighting System

Autonomous Lighting System - An intelligent lighting system able to reduce 90 percent of the energy consumption compared to conventional systems.

image de la solution Autonom Power Solutions

Autonom Power Solutions - A power backup solution to ensure cellphone and internet connectivity during power outages

image de la solution AuuM

AuuM - An ecological alternative to disposable cups thanks to steam cleaning.