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image de la solution aH72


image de la solution Aikan

Aikan - An integrated waste handling facility producing green energy and organic composts and fertilizers

image de la solution AiMa

AiMa - A technology to power the shared mobility solutions that decongest cities.

image de la solution Airfibr

Airfibr - A reinforced natural grass solution enabling to replace synthetic turf for amateur and high performance sports pitches

image de la solution Air Pollution Abatement (APA)

Air Pollution Abatement (APA) - Commercial and industrial air purifier

image de la solution AirShaper

AirShaper - Online platform to optimize the aerodynamics of 3D models.

image de la solution Airy

Airy - Air purification with plants

image de la solution AkuoCoop

AkuoCoop - A crowdfunding platform allowing citizens and businesses to invest in renewable energy assets promoting a fair and sustainable energy transition

image de la solution Akuo Energy

Wind, solar, hydraulic, biomass

image de la solution Algica

Algica - A nanoporous algae silica material that makes personal care products better and ocean-safe as well as increases the efficiency of solar panels

image de la solution Altered:Nozzle Pro

Altered:Nozzle Pro - Dual flow atomizer

image de la solution Altivar 312

Altivar 312 - Variable speed drives for pumps with photovoltaic arrays

image de la solution Altivar 600

Altivar 600 - Altivar Process is a Services Oriented Drive designed to reduce OPEX in Process & Utility installations.


ALTRA PROVEN WATER TECHNOLOGY - Low cost, fast and efficient water infrastructure repair

image de la solution Alve-One®

Alve-One® - Sustainable chemical blowing agents providing valuable plastic's functionalities to a wide range of applications.

image de la solution Ambee

Ambee - Portable pollution sensors.

image de la solution Amni®

Amni® - The first polyamide yarn in the world with enhanced biodegradability offering the ability for biodegradable clothing.

image de la solution AmpliSIM

AmpliSIM - Environmental impact simulation and forecast service

image de la solution AMP-UP 100

AMP-UP 100 - A self-healing water based hybrid epoxy primer designed to protect substrates (steel, aluminum, concrete) in mild to severe industrial environments.

image de la solution Anaerobic bio-digester to proceed organic waste

Anaerobic bio-digester to proceed organic waste - A waste management solution that turns organic waste to resources: energy + fertilizer.

image de la solution animeo Connect

animeo Connect - Facade shading management solution for increased energy savings in buildings