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image de la solution 1001 fontaines

1001 fontaines - A sustainable safe water enterprise

image de la solution 100.solarhaus

100.solarhaus - Solar energy for multi-tenant buildings with an unprecedented adjacent digital metering service, combined in one user-friendly platform.

image de la solution 3Bee Hive-Tech

3Bee Hive-Tech - IoT monitoring system for farm animals

image de la solution 3D-iExtrusion®

3D-iExtrusion® - A multi-material manufacturing process for the mass-production of 3D components, both cost & energy efficient

image de la solution 3D-iExtrusion®

3D-iExtrusion® - A multi-material manufacturing process for the mass-production of 3D components, both cost & energy efficient

image de la solution 3D Printed Polishing Burner

3D Printed Polishing Burner - 3D printing technology to redesign a lighter, more reliable and efficient burner for polishing application in the glass industry

image de la solution 5C: Cryo-City for Cleaner Cold Chain

5C: Cryo-City for Cleaner Cold Chain - Light Carrier Vehicle refrigeration unit

image de la solution Absolicon T160

Absolicon T160 - A solar thermal concentrator providing heat and steam up to 160 C for industries and district heating, easy to mass-produce and install.

image de la solution Absolicon T160 Production Line

Absolicon T160 Production Line - Robotic mass-production of solar concentrator solutions

image de la solution ACCENTA

ACCENTA - Geothermal and AI-based heating and cooling system for commercial and collective residential buildings that cut CO2 emissions by up to 80%

image de la solution ACE One

ACE One - An advanced biomass cookstove with truly clean combustion capable of providing lighting and phone charging for rural last-mile communities.

image de la solution ACQ80 - Solar Pump Drive

ACQ80 - Solar Pump Drive - An electrical power converter which converts Solar PV DC power to AC power which is required to run water pumps.

image de la solution Active Stop-Start Technology

Active Stop-Start Technology - Upfit or Retrofit Hybrid System for Class 6-8 Vocational Vehicle

image de la solution ACTIV HOME

ACTIV HOME - A patented industrial process to manufacture wood frame construction modules with straw insulation

image de la solution AEROPAK G

AEROPAK G - An ultra-light electrical energy storage alternative to batteries for long duration electric powered flight.

image de la solution Affordable Solar Energy

Affordable Solar Energy - B2B solar-as-a-service packages

image de la solution Afynerie

Afynerie - Convert the Agro industry by-products into bio-based molecules for food, feed, cosmetic applications, as a substitution to oil based ones

image de la solution Agnisumukh

Agnisumukh - Uniform radiant heat kitchen stove

image de la solution Agolin® Ruminant

Agolin® Ruminant - A blend of high quality plant extracts that has been shown to reduce methane production and improve efficiency in dairy cows and beef cattle

image de la solution AgRho® S-Boost

AgRho® S-Boost - Seed coating technology

image de la solution AgriAlgae®

AgriAlgae® - Exploit the potential of microalgae as a CO2 consuming & inexhaustible raw material to develop innovative & efficient solutions for agriculture.

image de la solution Agricolus

Agricolus - It supports farmers in optimizing agronomic practices by making AgTech (Sustainable agricultural technology) tools easier.

image de la solution Agrinergie®

Agrinergie® - An innovative technology that combines farming and energy production on the same site and has reinvented solar power.

image de la solution Aguardio G2

Aguardio G2 - A simple solution to help people live more sustainably by reducing the amount of water and energy used in the shower