Tapio - Carbon Strategy Platform

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The end-to-end service involves: input data provided on a worldwide basis, calculations performed transparently on high performance computers, maps, statistics and indicators directly usable to assess, take actions or communicate with third parties. Numerical simulation is used by professionals to assess and forecast impact on the environment and on the populations of releases or discharges in the air, the sea or the ground. It is used for routine emissions but also in case of emergency for accidental releases. The objective of AmpliSIM is to render pollution and its effects visible in order to take better, informed decisions affecting the environment.

Location: France

Sector: Renewables & Environment

Website: AmpliSIM

CO2 reduction categoriesDriversScopes

Downstream Leased Assets

Use of sold or lent products


Upstream Leased Assets




Industry, Innovation and InfrastructureSustainable Cities and Communities


Solar Impulse

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