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by Swedish Algae Factory


The development of sustainable personal care products is important to avoid further harm on life and seas, but also for human health. The solution aims to show that it is possible to create an industry that is positive for the environment and not only less negative. By using algae as a resource for the production of a unique advanced material, called Algica, a business model like this has been proven financially viable. By using this material to exchange ingredients used in personal care products, personal care products become less environmentally and health-damaging. By using this material in solar panels the efficiency is increased and more renewable energy can be produced. In the production process of this material nutritious water is cleaned and thereby valuable nutrients recycled into the remaining biomass of the algae after the extraction of the Algica material. This biomass contains besides these nutrients omega 3 rich oil. By producing Algica in this way a contribution to a more sustainable food chain is also made as well as a contribution to less eutrophication and thereby healthier seas.

Location: Sweden

Sector: Renewables & Environment

Website: Algica

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