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Agolin® Ruminant
by Agolin


AGOLIN’s specific food quality plant extracts from herbs and spices, are effective, easy to use and safe. Research trials demonstrate AGOLIN’s potential to positively influence the rumen microbiota. In addition to increased productivity, animal wellbeing is improved and feed costs for farmers are reduced. According to an independent opinion, which is based on a meta-analysis, the use of AGOLIN within an average diet reduces enteric methane emission by 14 % per liter of milk or 10 % per animal. Feeding the world’s cattle population with AGOLIN would reduce the total greenhouse gas emissions by 200 million tons of CO2-eq.

Location: Switzerland

Sector: Renewables & Environment

Website: Agolin® Ruminant

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Fuel- and energy- related activities

Energy consumption



Industry, Innovation and InfrastructureResponsible Consumption and Production


Solar Impulse

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