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Absolicon T160
by Absolicon Solar Concentrator


Many industrial processes consume large amount of heat. To make one kilo of textiles, two kilos of coal are used, to make one ton of tea, five tons of fire wood are burnt. Using the sun has heat source, it can be changed. The Absolicon T160 has a highever optical efficiency for a small parabolic trough (less than 2 m). Over 76% of the direct solar radiation is converted to heat. The collector is following the sun within a fraction of a degree. The result is heat and steam up to 160°C that can be used in industries, district heating or solar cooling.

Location: Sweden

Sector: Renewables & Environment

Website: Absolicon T160

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Network energy (excl. electricity)

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Affordable and Clean EnergySustainable Cities and Communities


Solar Impulse

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