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3D Printed Polishing Burner
by Air Liquide


3D Printed Polishing burner aims at improving the efficiency of the polishing step of glass articles during their manufacturing process. Once a glass article is formed by pressing molten glass in a mould, some defaults remain on the surface and need to be polished with a flame from specific burners. The objective of glass reheating and edge-melting is to remove the defaults and to give the glass articles (tableware, perfume containers, crystal glasses,...) a smooth and shiny appearance. Where classical burners waste most of their flame in the atmosphere, the innovation made with the 3D Printed Polishing burners enables to improve the flame efficiency. Allowing for a reduction in natural gas and oxygen consumption, the 3D Printed Polishing Burners decrease the level of CO2 emissions related with glass polishing.

Location: France

Sector: Renewables & Environment

Website: 3D Printed Polishing Burner

CO2 reduction categoriesDriversScopes

Stationary combustion

Energy consumption


Fuel- and energy- related activities

Energy consumption


Waste generated in Operations



End-of-life treatment of sold products




Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure


Solar Impulse

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