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by Biotrem


In 2015, global plastic production was 448 million tonnes, including more than 161 million tonnes of disposable packaging, takeaway containers, plates, cutlery and cups. Only 3% of disposable tableware and takeaway food packaging is recycled, while the rest is burned and landfilled, polluting both soil and water. The Biotrem technology uses the chemical composition and physical properties of organic raw materials, waste or by-products such as wheat bran, corn bran, cassava by-products or algae to produce plates, bowls, cups, without plasticizers or other chemical compounds. By using Biotrem technology, BRANBOX goes further and offers ecological, compostable, watertight and disposable food containers. Highly scalable and customizable, the BRANBOX solution can be rapidly deployed to meet the global challenge of plastic pollution.


Sector: Renewables & Environment

Website: BRANBOX

CO2 reduction categoriesDriversScopes

Waste generated in Operations



End-of-life treatment of sold products




Industry, Innovation and InfrastructureResponsible Consumption and Production


Solar Impulse

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