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Bocage Urbain


Whereas rainwater is usually seen as waste, this urban grove proposes an innovative management of rainwater by plants ; complementary to the existing solutions in the urban landscape: green roofs, valley gutters, retention basins, wells... The Bocage Urbain storage structure takes the form of prefabricated cubes combining a rainwater retention basin and a tank of plants specifically designed to maximize evapotranspiration. Its structures are installed : on the linear tracks, buried in the ground, to collect runoff water or at the foot of a building connected to the gutters to collect roof water. As the grove storage facilities are modular, they connect with each other in order to build a planted hydraulic network element replacing or supplementing mains drainage of cities. Also, urban grove answers to 5 fundamental issues of the city, it: reduces probability of floodings during heavy rains ; fights against urban heat islands ; helps vegetalization of the public space without the watering constraint ; improves urban air quality ; enhance biodiversity development in the city through the creation of green frames. Bocage Urbain also avoids water treatment systems (and maintenance) in urban projects and let the nature manage constraints.

Location: France

Sector: Renewables & Environment

Website: Bocage Urbain

CO2 reduction categoriesDriversScopes

Waste generated in Operations



Business travel



Downstream transportation & distribution



End-of-life treatment of sold products




Clean Water and SanitationSustainable Cities and Communities


Solar Impulse

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