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by Engie


BeeWe aims at rationalizing spare parts inventory. BeeWe's ambition is that as many sites as possible join the movement and start sharing their stock. Pooling resources helps to reduce investment through purchasing savings, reduces carbon footprint by limiting overproduction of spare parts, as well as limits replacement delays in the event of a breakdown. BeeWe is proud that its vision of optimizing inventory, fully aligned with Engie’s business purpose, contributes to accelerating the transition to a carbon-neutral economy, through a more energy-efficient solution that also acts for the environment through using available spare parts. The name ‘BeeWe’ is a reference to the bee (« Bee ») and to the community (« We ») because this solution has been inspired by the industrious bees around their hive: a more rational storage system, thanks to collective intelligence in an eco-efficiency approach.

Location: France

Sector: Renewables & Environment

Website: BeeWe

CO2 reduction categoriesDriversScopes


Energy consumption


Electricity consumption

Energy consumption


Network energy (excl. electricity)

Energy consumption


Fuel- and energy- related activities

Energy consumption


Business travel



Downstream transportation & distribution




Responsible Consumption and Production


Solar Impulse

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