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by Probayes


Based on sensor data and artificial intelligence algorithms BatiSense can optimize the energy management of tertiary buildings. It automatically and remotely pilots the technical equipments on buildings to deliver optimal comfort while saving energy. It can be installed in both new or old buildings and adapted to instrumented or not buildings. The solution is autonomous and does not require an energy manager on site. The measures are not intrusive (temperature sensors and power meters) and allow to fully understand the thermal beahaviour of the building while operated. Only two different sensors per zone are necessary and measures are stored with a time step of 5 minutes.

Location: France

Sector: Renewables & Environment

Website: BatiSense

CO2 reduction categoriesDriversScopes


Energy consumption


Electricity consumption

Energy consumption


Network energy (excl. electricity)

Energy consumption


Fuel- and energy- related activities

Energy consumption



Affordable and Clean EnergySustainable Cities and Communities


Solar Impulse

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