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by Water Alternatives International


The installation is over the foundations on top of a well. The unit is made of: a metal profile bearing structure, booster pump, treatment system, fiberglass tank and topped by six solar panels. As an assembled unit, AquaSOL facilitates regular maintenance to meet the strictest hygiene requirements. In order to ensure quality, several actions are performed. Before storing water in the tank, colloidal silver is injected, a substance known for its germicidal and bactericidal properties. Contaminated water that comes in contact with the silver will be lastingly disinfected in several minutes. Re-mineralized water is also provided using a filter containing mineral salts. Thanks to solar power, AquaSOL has a continuous economic supply, therefore minimizing the chances of an interruption in the water supply, especially in a grid prone to outages. Given its energy self-sufficiency, AquaSOL can be set-up in neighborhoods or remote villages with no existing infrastructures. The structure can also be fully dismantled and re-assembled. Side benefits are also present with AquaSOL providing free services such as mobile phone charging points and rooftop nightlights.

Location: France

Sector: Renewables & Environment

Website: AquaSOL

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