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The Forest for Life Project

Type: Reforestation
Country: Guatemala
Standard: VCS, REDD+
Longitude: -90.904874
Latitude: 16.937982

Annual Carbon Credits
238875 t


The goals of the Lacandón – Forests for Life project can be summarized into three areas:

- Reduction of the rate of deforestation, for example through activities focused on preserving and reforesting the national park and patrolling it more frequently;

- Implementation of mechanisms to conserve biodiversity (including reforestation with native species);

- Strengthening local development structures through the support of alternative income generation.


The Lacandón – Forest for Life (Bosques para la Vida) REDD+ Project focuses on reducing deforestation that different agents exert on the forest region by improving living condition of the communities located within the National Park and surrounding areas. Through implementation of project activities, the environmental function of the diverse ecosystems will be maintained, the cultural tangible heritage will be preserved and greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation and degradation processes will be prevented.


Stronger local governance:

  • Decrease illegal practices (hunting and logging)
  • Assure legality of land use rights
  • Women empowerment Ecosystem conservation


Ecosystem conservation:

  • Protect environmental functions of the forest
  • Reforestation and limiting deforestation
  • Support biodiversity and endangered species
  • Cultural/archeological value of the forest

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