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The COMACO Landscape Management Project

Type: Agroforestry
Country: Zambia
Standard: VCS, REDD+

Annual Carbon Credits
122047 t


The COMACO Landscape Management Project (CLMP) will promote sustainable agriculture and forest conservation in Eastern Province of The Republic of Zambia and stretches across nine chiefdoms. The main objectives of the project are twofold : to sustainably increase smallholder farmer crop yields, income and welfare; and to reduce uncontrolled forest loss and degradation, and increase net forest cover.


This project, in addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, will contribute towards the following co-benefits :

  • Reduced deforestation and degradation of surrounding forests and therefore reduced erosionand nutrient loss
  • Preservation of biodiversity
  • Creation of local employment and income generation for farmers
  • Sustainable food production
  • Community building

The United Nations

Sustainable Development Goals

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  • logo Decent Work and Economic Growth
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