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The Safe Water Access Project

Type: Safe water supply
Country: Rwanda
Standard: Gold Standard

Nyagatare district
Annual Carbon Credits
8768 t


CO2balance works with local groups and NGOs in Rwanda to deliver clean, safe water by identifying and rehabilitating broken-down boreholes. An ongoing maintenance programme, alongside water sanitation and hygiene training, ensures a safe and reliable community water supply is maintained.


Each of the 12 micro-projects under this programme prevents 10,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions.


This project, in addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, will contribute towards the following co-benefits

  • Reduced deforestation and degradation of surrounding forests and therefore reduced erosionand nutrient loss
  • Reduced disease caused by drinking dirty water
  • Reduced disease caused by Carbon Monoxide and particulates from fire
  • Less time needed to purify water allowing more time to focus on other household tasks and supervision of children
  • Local training and employment provided in maintenance and monitoring of the boreholes
  • Reduced costs in the purchase of fuel

The United Nations

Sustainable Development Goals

  • logo No Poverty
  • logo Clean Water and Sanitation
  • logo Affordable and Clean Energy
  • logo Climate Action