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The Gyapa Cookstoves Project

Type: Distribution of cookstoves
Country: Ghana
Standard: Gold Standard

Annual Carbon Credits
167279 t


Nearly 3 billion people in the developing world cook food and heat their homes with traditional cookstoves or open fires. The Global Burden of Disease Study 2010 estimates that 4 million premature deaths occur every year due to smoke exposure from these methods. In fact, this is the fifth worst risk factor for disease in developing countries and women and children are the most affected.


This project introduces the Gyapa, an insulated and efficient cookstove, to families in Ghana. The Gyapa stove cooks food more quickly, requires 50-60% less fuel and is less smoky. As such it not only cuts carbon emissions, but also improves health by reducing exposure to toxic fumes. Cutting fuel requirements saves families money and importantly, protects Ghana’s dwindling forests – Ghana has one of the highest deforestation rates in Africa. The project also creates jobs and develops skills. The liners are made by a small group of accredited local ceramicists who have received specialist training.


This project, in addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, will contribute towards the following co-benefits :

  • Reduced deforestation and improved biodiversity - Charcoal production and use is a major contributor to deforestation in Ghana. The continued demand for charcoal puts more pressure on the few remaining forests and this will continue if it is not reversed or contained
  • Less indoor air pollutants from the burning of fuel in the family home
  • Reduced costs in the purchase of fuel for households
  • Local employment creation across the entire stove supply chain from manufacturing, distribution, and sales of the stoves

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