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The Rwanda Cookstove Project

Type: Distribution of cookstoves
Country: Rwanda
Standard: Gold Standard

Annual Carbon Credits
10000 t



Conventional cooking methods using solid fuels on open fires and rudimentary cookstoves are inefficient, unhealthy and unsafe. From the extensive time and cost required for wood collection to the impact on public health and environment, the consequences are dire. In rural Rwandese areas, 98% of the people rely on wood as their main cooking fuel. This has a huge impact on the forest. The aim of this Project is for CO2logic and its partners to support the development and distribution of efficient cookstoves in order to save millions of trees, support families, boost economic activities and improve health conditions in Rwanda.


1 cookstove can save more than 10kg of wood per day and 39 trees per year. The decreased use of firewood helps fight deforestation and reduces the emissions of Green House Gases (GHG).


This project, in addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, will contribute towards the following co-benefits :

      • Less use of non-renewable biomass from forests, protecting natural forest eco-systems and wildlife habitats
      • Less time spent on collecting wood fuel, thereby reducing the work burden on rural families
      • Less indoor air pollutants from the burning of biomass in the family home
      • Local training and employment due to the entire supply chain of cookstove being located in Rwanda
      • Reduced costs in the purchase of fuel

In numbers :

      • 140,000 tonnes of C02 emissions prevented
      • 22,430 families positively impacted
      • 109,907 people positively impacted
      • 33,645 children positively impacted
      • 75,000 tonnes wood (trees) saved

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