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Contribution Projects

Alongside implementing reduction solutions, Tapio guides companies in selecting the highest quality carbon sequestration projects in line with their carbon budget and values.

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Picture of project Aura Solar Power

Aura Solar Power

Country: Mexico

Technology: Solar

Price: 16.2 EUR/t CO2

4. Quality Education7. Affordable and Clean Energy9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure13. Climate Action

Located on a 100-hectare site in La Paz, the capital city of Baja California Sur, Aura Solar is one of the largest photovoltaic energy projects in Latin America and a key driving force in Mexico’s clean energy revolution. It is part of the wider initiative “Iniciativa Aura Solar”, which aims to develop successful large-scale photovoltaic projects that can capitalise on Mexico’s high solar potential. By harnessing the power of Mexico's sun, the project is expected to produce enough energy to fulfil the needs of 164 thousand people, which represents 64% of La Paz’s population.


Harnessing the power of the Mexican sun is key in the country's transition towards a low-carbon future while simultaneously feeding the country's economic development. In the midst of summer, the Western city of La Paz receives an average of 12 hours of sunlight a day - the perfect conditions for producing a reliable supply of solar energy.


Electricity produced is supplied to the grid through a new transmission line that is connected to the substation “Olas Atlas”. By replacing energy generated from fossil fuels, the project significantly reduces emissions and helps mitigate the environmental risks of the transport of hydrocarbons into the delicate ecosystem of the Gulf of California. Generating on average 82,000 MWh of solar power per year the project effectively increases energy security throughout the country. In addition Aura Solar employs local workers and provides employees with technical training, strengthening the regional economy and providing income security.

Picture of project Aura Solar Power