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Contribution Projects

Alongside implementing reduction solutions, Tapio guides companies in selecting the highest quality carbon sequestration projects in line with their carbon budget and values.

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Picture of project Xenamnoy Clean Hydropower

Xenamnoy Clean Hydropower

Country: Laos

Technology: Hydro

Price: 18.36 EUR/t CO2

7. Affordable and Clean Energy8. Decent Work and Economic Growth13. Climate Action

This project capitalises on Laos’ enormous hydropower potential to supply the surrounding region, and particularly the rural communities, with a sustainable source of clean energy. This run-of-the-river hydropower station harnesses flowing water to provide enough clean electricity for the needs of over 110,000 people in Laos each year!


Many people in Laos rely on unsustainable firewood for their energy needs. Unfortunately, this contributes to shrinking tropical forests. As the demand for electricity supply is steadily increasing, Laos is looking to turn to sustainable energy options in order to save its forests and limit greenhouse gas emissions.


By producing clean, renewable electricity, this project is reducing reliance on other unsustainable energy sources, such as fossil fuels or firewood. This cuts emissions, while allowing forests and vegetation to recover. The project also contributes to local sustainable development by providing job opportunities, improving the local infrastructure, and implementing a water supply programme for the villagers. In addition to this, a new temple has been built for the local community, respecting the religion of local residents.

Picture of project Xenamnoy Clean Hydropower