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Contribution Projects

Alongside implementing reduction solutions, Tapio guides companies in selecting the highest quality carbon sequestration projects in line with their carbon budget and values.

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Picture of project Clean Tech for the Steel Industry

Clean Tech for the Steel Industry

Country: China

Technology: Waste gas recovery

Price: 16.2 EUR/t CO2

4. Quality Education6. Clean Water and Sanitation7. Affordable and Clean Energy8. Decent Work and Economic Growth13. Climate Action

Waste gas from the blast furnaces and coke ovens at the Antai steel mill is captured and used to generate electricity, which is then recycled for the plants use. The project improves local air quality by avoiding uncontrolled gas emissions, and a modernised water cooling system considerably reduces the water consumption of the plant.


This project is located in Shanxi Province, also known as China's coal pit as it contains roughly one third of the country's total coal deposits. Shanxi is also home to some of the most polluted cities in the world and faces grave environmental problems, which could severely impact its growing economy and the health of inhabitants. Air pollution levels are particularly concerning, and rivers are also heavily contaminated with wastewater from the surrounding industry.


More than 150 new jobs for the local community have been created in plant operations, with all employees receiving technical training and wages above Chinese standards. The project benefits also extend to local communities, with programmes offering financial support for older residents and university scholarships for students.

Picture of project Clean Tech for the Steel Industry