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Contribution Projects

Alongside implementing reduction solutions, Tapio guides companies in selecting the highest quality carbon sequestration projects in line with their carbon budget and values.

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Picture of project Huoshui Small Hydropower

Huoshui Small Hydropower

Country: China

Technology: Hydro

Price: 11.88 EUR/t CO2

4. Quality Education5. Gender Equality7. Affordable and Clean Energy8. Decent Work and Economic Growth13. Climate Action

Huóshuĭ Small Hydropower consists of 88 small hydropower plants. The small-scale plants range in capacity from 0.1 to 14 MW, and together supply enough renewable energy to power over half a million average Chinese homes each year. Their run-of-river design allows them to do so with minimal environmental impact. The cost of developing hydropower plants in remote locations is a significant barrier to construction, so this project would not be possible without the revenue generated by carbon credits.


The powerful rivers of China’s mountainous areas can be harnessed to generate electricity for its remote communities and the wider region, but even small-scale hydroelectric power plants require substantial investment to set up and run. The project is channelling vital carbon finance into developing renewable energy infrastructure in rural, underserved regions, at a time when a large part of China’s growing energy demands is being met with fossil-fuel based power stations.


Huóshuĭ Grouped Small Hydropower is diversifying China’s energy sector and stabilizing the energy supply to avoid blackouts. This energy security is beneficial both to new local industries and households who are increasingly able to switch from wood-fired to electric stoves, improving their daily life. The project provides local employment opportunities in power plant construction and operation, helping to alleviate regional poverty and funds social initiatives in cooperation with local organisations. This includes disaster relief funds and educational programmes, such as those aimed at improving the lives of children whose parents have migrated to the cities for work.

Picture of project Huoshui Small Hydropower