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Contribution Projects

Alongside implementing reduction solutions, Tapio guides companies in selecting the highest quality carbon sequestration projects in line with their carbon budget and values.

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Picture of project Za Hung Hydropower

Za Hung Hydropower

Country: Vietnam

Technology: Hydro

Price: 9.9 EUR/t CO2

7. Affordable and Clean Energy8. Decent Work and Economic Growth13. Climate Action

The Za Hung Hydropower Plant has two turbines with a total installed capacity of 30 MW and an annual output of over 120,000 MWh. The plant provides clean electricity to about 19,870 homes and helps the country to meet its growing energy demands. By offsetting the grid with clean electricity, the use of coal-fuel is reduced and as a result, less greenhouse gases are emitted into the atmosphere.


Power consumption in Vietnam has been growing by about 15 percent annually for the last several years. Unfortunately, the predominant use of coal-fired electricity generation contributes to a large amount of greenhouse gas emissions and poor air quality for inhabitants in the areas where these energy plants exist. Hydropower is part of a plan the Vietnamese government has developed to increase access to clean electricity for its population.


The project supports sustainable development in the region by creating stable well-paid jobs for locals and offering on-going training opportunities in health and safety and plant operations. In addition to the fund for flood-affected households, the project annually donates money to support disadvantaged people in the commune. Thanks to the Za Hung project, local communities are benefiting from improved electricity, drainage, roads, and better air quality.

Picture of project Za Hung Hydropower