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Financial Conduct Authority's Carbon Strategy

Showing transparency is the right way to make a difference. Discover how Financial Conduct Authority is taking care of their carbon footprint and leading the way towards decarbonisation

Focus report:

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With an action plan that makes a difference

Tackling climate change is an everyday battle that might seem overwhelming. However, this ambitious goal becomes the most likely scenario once businesses work together in the same direction.

Once Financial Conduct Authority measured their greenhouse emissions and understood their actual impact as a whole, designing an action plan was just as straightforward. The next step was to set ambitious targets to reduce their footprint and connect with the right partners to make it possible. Now Financial Conduct Authority is taking part in cutting the world's emissions to zero.

About Tapio’s Methodology. How does carbon reporting work?

Human activities since the industrial revolution have led to the appearance of new sources of GHGs. Tapio’s all-in-one carbon management solution allows you to estimate the amount of industrial emissions (aka. anthropogenic greenhouse gases) emitted by the activities of your company or organisation.

Check Tapio’s methodology page and FAQs to learn more.

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Reduction strategy in progress

Financial Conduct Authority is currently working hand-in-hand with Tapio to set ambitious reduction targets. Stay tuned...

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does not finance any carbon sequestration projects at the moment.