Tapio - Carbon Strategy Platform

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Driven by climate urgency

Tapio is an all in one carbon management software allowing companies to commit to a global carbon neutrality

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The long term objective in terms of average temperature increase announced by the Paris Agreement. - Source
+ 1,5°C
The average annual decrease of global GHG emissions that the corporate sector in developed countries must achieve to attain the Paris objectives. - Source
- 4,2%
The amount of GHG emissions potentially reduced thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence for climate control in 2030 (which represents 5 to 10% of the global GHG emissions). - Source
2,6 to 5,6 Gt
The value generated, as a potential overall impact, through additional revenue and cost savings by 2030 with AI applied to corporate sustainability. - Source
$1 to $3 tn

Our vision is to cancel climate change

We envision a world where every organization is empowered to act upon its carbon emissions. A world where setting ambitious goals beyond regulation constraints has become the norm. A world where organizations leverage their sustainability strategy as a force of value creation, by precisely measuring and monitoring their environmental impact.

Our mission is to provide the software through which companies can act and commit to global carbon neutrality

Our tools lead your organization every step of the way on your sustainability journey empowering a global transition.


Our team is built around people from different backgrounds who all share a burning crave for a radical change in the world. With experiences across broad sectors such as Finance, Tech, Sustainability, Consulting and driven by entrepreneurial spirit, Tapio’s team and partners have laid out the necessary skills on which to tackle this challenge.