Tapio - Carbon Strategy Platform

All-in-One Carbon
Strategy Platform

Software that provides your organisation the tools to reach carbon neutrality

Unleash your organisation’s sustainable and financial potential

Tapio accelerates your carbon transition with credible, actionable and transparent strategies that help you reach carbon neutrality and integrate carbon pricing in your business activities.

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  • Data collection, integration & visualization
    Emission targets & carbon budget allocation
    Predictive & historical trend analysis
  • Match best performing solutions
    Scenario & feasibility analysis
    most-efficient transition
    Company custom solution creation
  • Support projects in line with your values
    Pay less by buying in bulk with others
    Secure your supply by investing
  • Track your progress with the latest data
    Verify your projects through satellite imagery
    Integrate the latest policies
  • Share your carbon strategy through your public page
    Create and engage with your community
    Benchmark your industry
    Centralized reporting
Early adopters

Join ambitious organisations

Be among the companies of tomorrow and lead the transition

All-in-one platform with multiple benefits

We leverage technology to reverse climate change and help you be part of the leading & sustainable companies of tomorrow.

Increase ROI
Reduce environmental and regulatory costs by shifting to sustainable practices and increase your bottom line.
Competitive advantage
Separate yourself from your competitors by offering products and services that are sustainable and carbon neutral.
Target new customers & investors
Appeal to stakeholders that seek responsible companies.
Be 100% transparent
Reduce, offset and monitor with high quality products that are completely transparent and that will support the credibility of your transition.
Engage with your stakeholders
Show your customers, partners and investors how your company is leading the carbon transition and get them involved.
Respond to regulatory and public pressure before it’s too late.
Increase employer attractivity
Attract the next generation of your workforce that want responsible employers.
Save time
Focus on excelling at your business, we’ll excel at making sure it’s carbon neutral.

Help companies reduce their emissions. Become a solution partner !

You have a sustainable solution to help companies reach carbon neutrality ? Submit it here.

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Offset project selection is essential to support your credibility and boost engagement.

Our offset projects selected with our partner CO2 Logic are high quality, certified and have numerous co-benefits


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Tapio answers the increasing demand of our customers to provide sustainable solutions and help us to articulate our choices and make the right decisions that corresponded to our values and mission. At Deliveroo, we are looking forward to starting this promising collaboration!

Rodolphe Van Nuffel
Spokesperson and Head of Corporate Affairs, Deliveroo

Tapio is our one-stop shop for carbon strategy, simple and effective. We are convinced that everyone must take their responsibilities and it is up to companies active in the ecological transition to set an example. Hopefully many more follow!

Sylvain Niset
CEO, Poppy

A core value at Skipr is sustainability. It is in this capacity that we assist companies in their transition to sustainable mobility for their employees. Tapio now allows us to manage our carbon strategy through their all-in-one platform, in order to offset the private CO2 emissions of our employees.

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