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Make fighting climate change inspiring

We provide the support your company needs to reach global carbon neutrality, you lead the way.

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Where we can help


You want to play your part but do not know where to start?

Lack of expertise

You need specific competencies to move forward


Your stakeholders expect a credible climate strategy

Start today, learn together and lead the way

Our Solution

Why you’ll love us

Reducing your carbon footprint creates business opportunities for your company

Climate action has gone from a nice to have to a right to play, turning climate challenges into business opportunities is now the entry ticket to a future activity.


You will see through the opacity combining expertise and technology

Educational resources

Recognized frameworks and scientific methodologies

User centered dashboards


You will receive support to turn commitments into reality

Dedicated team of climate

Hand in hand processes

Provided technological toolbox


You will implement credible climate actions leveraging transparency

Science based commitments

Public climate strategy

Solution oriented scenarios

Inspire by example

Check our study cases

Fortino Capital

See case study

Mobilexpense Brussels

See case study

The good news is that you are not alone.

Tapio is your dedicated climate partner. Combining expertise, service and technology, we reinvent climate support.

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Once you centralised your emissions sources through our data collection tool, visualise and interprete your footprint through dynamic dashboards.


Take actively part in the climate transition. Act on your carbon footprint by setting reduction targets, piloting your action plan and finding the right partners to support you in your journey.


And finally, preach transparency and build your low carbon ecosystem by onboarding all your stakeholders in your climate strategy journey.

The functionalities behind the pillars

To pilot your carbon strategy exhaustively, take control of the different applications at your disposal.




Task Manager

Data Collection


Intensity Metrics



Solution marketplace

Targets settings



Impact team

Where do you stand?

Estimate your impact today

We are here to help, here is a free and tangible first step. Get an estimation of your company‘s carbon footprint in the blink of an eye.

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The impact we have

Rodolphe Van Nuffel

Rodolphe Van Nuffel

Spokesperson and Head of Corporate Affairs, Deliveroo

It was a great experience

Tapio answers the increasing demand of our customers to provide sustainable solutions and help us to articulate our choices and make the right decisions that corresponded to our values and mission. At Deliveroo, we are looking forward to starting this promising collaboration!

Alice Caverenne

Alice Caverenne

Compliance & Security Manager, Mobilexpense

Tapio is a great supportive tool

Mobilexpense is taking action to drive forwards sustainability improvements in the financial sector with Tapio. Thanks to their team and great platform, we understand where we can improve our carbon footprint, and how to contribute to the climate emergency efficiently and positively.

Climate action is your path to profitability

We believe companies have a significant role in the climate transition. Tapio is there to provide the support and tools you need to succeed.

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