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Our solutions help companies reduce their carbon emissions.

some of our climate-driven customers

Tapio Partners: Korys
Tapio Partners: Skipr
Tapio Partner: Deliveroo
Tapio Partner: Base Design
Tapio Partners: Silversquare
Tapio Partners: Réseau Entreprendre Bruxelles
Tapio Partners: Le Slibard
Tapio Partners: Gr'eat Granola
Tapio Partner: Positive Thinking Company
Tapio Solution: Greenyellow
Tapio Partner: Bavet
Tapio Partner: Poppy
Tapio Partners: Merchery
Tapio Partner: Retviews
Tapio Partner: Mobilexpense
Tapio Partner: Miron Violetglass
Tapio Partner: Kazidomi
Tapio Partner: Fortino Capital Partners
Tapio Partners: SPDG Ventures

Measure your impact today

Get an estimation of your company’s carbon footprint in the blink of an eye and kick off your climate strategy.


We provide a science based strategy

At Tapio we gather and connect relevant internal and external data allowing our customers to base their ecological transition on science. Check more details on our methodology here

carbon accounting flowchart that details our carbon management software


We allow companies to act on their whole value chain

At Tapio, our aim is to build a low carbon ecosystem.

By taking into account the whole stakeholder web we focus on companies' Scope 3 emissions which represent more than 70% of total emissions for manufacturers (IOP Science) and up to 80% for consumer-good organizations (McKinsey).

By allowing them to understand and connect all players of their value chain, Tapio leverages one's impact to engage all stakeholders in the same journey, therefore better measuring and improving their scope 3.

impact network showing all entities affected by carbon accounting

We make it easy and cost effective to manage your carbon emissions

Understand and interpret your carbon footprint

Act where it is necessary

Integrate the latest frameworks

Get ahead of regulations

Engage your employees in a conscious community

Access a booming carbon market

Boost your bottom line

Provide transparency and science-based facts

carbon accounting

Tapio answers the increasing demand of our customers to provide sustainable solutions and help us to articulate our choices and make the right decisions that corresponded to our values and mission. At Deliveroo, we are looking forward to starting this promising collaboration!